Salvedor Berenguer

The Designer

Salvador Berenguer - Head Sculptor for JC Toys


The art of capturing a child’s expression


Behind the ingenious designs of Dolls by Berenguer is one man with a history and passion for sculpting and a keen eye for detail. Taking inspiration from everyday life and from his own children and grandchildren, he has created numerous expressions that reveal the many emotions of a child.


Salvador Berenguer, born in a country that has inspired many artists; Spain, comes from a family of sculptors, that have passed on between generations the gift of sculpting. With his hands he has created masterpieces that capture the essence of a child’s beauty. He is an expert at re-creating the aura of innocence and purity that a real baby exudes.


He continues his lifetime work with the same fervor and love as when he started in the 1960’s. Today, Dolls by Berenguer, Inc, is proud to be the exclusive source for Dolls by Berenguer designed products and accessories.