Welcome to Cutie Bowtutie home of dollsilly.com!!! 


We are excited that you have taken the time to visit us online and hope you like our new website design. 

Cutie Bowtutie was started in 2011 to offer friends, family, and now the public adorable hair bows and accessories.  When the owners little girl turned 4 and got her first American Girl ® doll the world of doll clothes and play began the dollsilly.com adventure!  Our goal at this point is to find more affordable and fun ways to clothe and accessorize the doll in your little girl's life.  We hope you enjoy the items we find AND find them to be priced fairly.  We are located in Columbia, Missouri...but, check out our calendar for our upcoming events to see if we will be near you.

Any Questions e-mail at dollsilly@mail.com or visit the EVENTS tab for where Cutie Bowtutie will be located throughout the year.



How do I place an order?

  •     You can search for products in various ways from the main home screen, from the buttons on the right, or in the search field.  Once an item is selected if you click the "Add to Cart" button you will see a yellow box appear to let you know that the item was added successfully to the shopping cart.  To complete the order click the top right cart button and proceed to the checkout by either logging in or checking out as a guest. 

Do I have to sign in to be able to order online?

  • You do not have to sign in to order online.  The customer sign in is available to customers who plan on returning and do not want to keep entering in their information will checking out.  We do not allow access to customer information outside of Cutie Bowtutie and we never save credit card information.

How long does it take to process an order?

  • All orders are processed within 1-3 days.  However, if an item is on backorder, a partial order may be processed until the item becomes available. 

What if an item is out of stock or on backorder?

  • If an item is on backorder it may not be in inventory but is on its way.  The shipment will be held until the product becomes available as long as it is under a week.  If the item will take longer to receive then the partial order will be processed and shipped.   You will be notified that the item is withheld in the order, and when the backorder is shipped out.  If an item is out of stock then it is either not available at that time or is in the process of being restocked.  If you have an item that is listed as out of stock and you would still like to purchase the item, contact us at dollsilly@mail.com, and we will let you know how long it may take to get into stock and shipped out.

Do you have gift wrapping?

  • We don't currently have an option listed for gift wrapping.  We are always willing to help.  Contact us at dollsilly@mail.com to see if we can help you out in any way!

What payment methods are accepted?

  • We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  The charges run through PayPal.  However, you do not need a PayPal account in order to purchase online.  If you do have a PayPal account you can log in after you go through Cutie Bowtutie's checkout and are given the option. 
  • We also allow Columbia, Missouri residents the option for cash or charge upon pickup.  If you would like to save on the shipping by selecting the Columbia, Missouri pickup option and pay when you pick up your order,  during the payment option select "Columbia Resident Pickup."

What is the sales tax?

  • Cutie Bowtutie is currently located in Columbia, Missouri and the local sales taxes will be applied.  All items are charged sales tax at this rate or the rate that is currently expected within this area.

What if I need to order an item in larger quantity?

  • Cutie Bowtutie travels to different shows throughout the US.  Therefore, some of the inventory will be lower for a specific item online even though we have additional items available in stock.  If you would like larger quantities than the website will allow, contact us at dollsilly@mail.com or check out the EVENTS tab to see where we will be throughout the year.

Will items look different?

  • Typically all items are close to what the pictures show online.  Occasionally, the coloring may be off in a photo compared to real life, but all items that are listed as available within the photographs will be included in your order.  Some items have the option of purchasing only partial outfits or complete.  Make note when purchasing that you are selecting the correct product combination.



How is my package shipped?

  • Packages are shipped via USPS Priority Services and a tracking number is provided with every order.

How soon will I receive my package?

  • All orders are processed within 1-3 days and shipping depends on your location.  You will be contacted by e-mail when the order is received and when the order has been shipped.  A tracking number will be provided within the shipping e-mail and will give the estimated time of arrival.

What if I don't receive my package?

  • If you do not receive your package within the estimated time of arrival or if it is showing delivered and you didn't receive your package, please contact Cutie Bowtutie at dollsilly@mail.com

How much does shipping cost?

  • On orders from $0.99 to $49.99 the shipping and handling is a flat fee of $2.00 (Standard Shipping)
  • On orders from $50 and up the shipping is FREE
  • If you live in Columbia, Missouri and would like to arrange a pickup please select "PICK UP Columbia-MO Residents Only" within the shipping options.  We will contact you at the e-mail/phone number provided or feel free to contact us at dollsilly@mail.com.

Do you ship internationally?

  • We currently do not have internationally shipping as an option on our website.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like to make an internationally purchase.  Contact: dollsilly@mail.com



Do you offer gift cards?

  • We do offer gift certificates! They can be purchased for $10, $25, $50, or $100.  If you would like the certificate code for online shopping you will select "Online Code" and click "Add to Cart."  The certificate code will be e-mailed to the e-mail provided, unless otherwise specified. If you would like a certificate mailed to you select "Certificate" and click "Add to Cart" into the shopping cart.  If you would like to ship the product to a different address be sure to change the ship to address within the first page of the checkout.  All gift certificates come with a FREE accessory as well.  

Do you offer any special savings?

  • We do offer special savings...  Every order will receive a FREE accessory.
  • Orders over $50 will receive FREE shipping.    
  • We also offer discount codes for Free shipping or discount codes for a percentage off your order.  Be sure to check out Facebook, Twitter, and online coupon stores for any new discount codes.  Don't feel like looking... e-mail us and if you like Cutie Bowtutie on Facebook, like an item on Facebook, Pin it on Pintrist, or write a review/message on our blog, we will e-mail you a coupon code for your order.  Help us and we will help you! 



What if I didn't receive an item?

  • If you didn't receive an item within your shipment be sure to check your invoice or e-mail for a message saying that the item was on backorder.  If the item was not on backorder and you didn't receive the item please contact Cutie Bowtutie at dollsilly@mail.com.  We will get you the item ASAP.

What if I do not like the items I received?

  • We want you to be completely satisfied with your order.  Please contact us as soon as possible after receiving your order if you simply do not like what you received.  If the items are unopened, not damaged, or played with we will refund your money upon receipt of the item.  If you would like to exchange an item we can work with you individually to arrange for free shipping of the new item when you contact us at dollsilly@mail.com or visit the EVENTS tab to see where we are located throughout the year.  Some restrictions apply.

What if something breaks?

  • The doll clothing and accessories are very tiny and delicate.  We recommend that the items not be used by any child under the age of 8 years old.  However,  sometimes thing happen and the item is not made properly or the quality that withstands the little fingers.  If an item breaks and it's been within a reasonable amount of time we will give you store credit for the returned merchandise, and of course our deepest apologise.  We like the little munchkins happy!

If you have any additional questions or need help in any way e-mail us at dollsilly@mail.com


Thank you!  Cutie Bowtutie